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Manasarovar – mana means mind and Sarovar means river.”

It is the best holy place with pure is also called as the mirror of the world.

Even its surroundings sounding “Om”.

Every bit of air water is surrounded by rich in Nature.

We can see the stones in the lake in the middle of the lake also.

This River is also called as the “Mirror Lake”.

“According history and the rummors at early morning gods will come here for bath and darshan of lord shiva.



mountain lake
Purity Lake
white stones


Manasarovar Lake

Mana Sarovar lake lies 15015 ft above the sea level & it is high elevation for a large fresh water lake and it freezes (frozen like solid particles) in winter.

According into Brockman it is the one of the highly fresh water lake in the Asia.

Manasarovar overflows into Lake Rakshastal which is a salt-water endorheic lake. When the level of Lake Rakshastal matched that of Lake Manasarovar, these  combined lakes overflowed into the Sutlej basin.

Manasarovar and Mount Kailash are believed to be the abode of Shiva. This is where the holy river the Ganges is believed to be tamed by Shiva. 

The water contains with high minerals and coming from kailash mountain.

Most of the people go there cremation of the died people in the Mansarovar Lake


Manasarovar yatra best time to travel between mid may to mid september.

   Tour Pack selection according to places selection & their distance travelled.

         we can travel two way to Manasarovar lake via india and chinese border through tibet.

    we can travel via bus or via plane,bookings starts from march of every year. 

Address:The lake located at Tibet, routes from Uttarakhand connect it with India.