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Mount kailash

“The place where Lord Shiva Meditates on hill,& this is hill also called as  a tremendous spiritual library”.Lord shiva also called as the yogi and also as adhi yogi.”

Mt. Kailash, the striking peak standing in the remote south-west corner of Tibet in the Himalayan Mountains.

Rising at an elevation of 6638 m (21778 ft) it is one of the highest parts of the Himalayas and serves as a source of some of the longest rivers in Asia.

According to scriptures, and devotes belief  if someone makes a circle trek around this sacred mountain, their sin could be erased. Hindus, Jains, Tibetan Buddhists, and folks of Bon religion firmly believe in the divinity of Kailash Parvat, however, there are many mysteries that are enveloped around the peak in Kailash Ranges that is perpetually shrouded under thick silver clouds.

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Home to two holy lakes, Mansarovar and Rakshas Tal, these two pristine lakes are located at the foot of Mount Kailash. The sight to behold! One can witness the extraordinary creation of God.

Both the lakes personify the light and dark, the positive and the negative energies that envelop the earth.

Every year, many devotees do the pilgrimage to Mansarovar which is believed to release them from sins and cure them of diseases.

For over centuries, the pyramid-shaped Mount Kailash has captivated many scientists for research on the mystifying secrets that are wrapped around like a thick layer of snow.

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No matter how different religions find their spiritual connection with Mount Kailash, the core essence is that the precious snow mountain is universally accepted as DIVINE.

Lord Shiva, the destroyer of the world resides in Kailash Parvat and the symbol of Om that is formed naturally with the deposition of snow on the granite mountain is believed as the embodiment of his presence. We live in a world of apostles and atheists.

Freethinkers have their own reasons for taking it as mere coincidence but in the heart of devotees, the miraculous impression of Om has an immense symbolic value. For them, it’s God’s creation that calls only surrender and belief.

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Temple open at morning 3.Am & closes 1.00pm.

Bus start from morning 3.00Am to Night 1.00pm

Special entery darshan tickets:300.

Seva tickets cost :120rs to 10000(acording to sava)


Andhra Pradesh,India.


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