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Red fort or LalQuila is a historic fort in old Delhi, Delhi served as the main residence of Mughal emperors.

Red fort was constructed on the year 12 May 1638 by Shah Jahan.

Lahori Gate is the main gate to the Red Fort, named for its orientation towards the city of Lahore. During Aurangzeb’s reign, the beauty of the gate was altered by the addition of a barbican, which Shah Jahan described as  veil drawn across the face of  beautiful woman


Delhi Fort

The east wall of the court stands the now-isolated Naubat Khanna. Music was played daily, at scheduled times and everyone, except royalty, were required to dismount.

Later Mughal kings Jahandar Shah (1712–13) and Farrukhsiyar (1713–19) are said to have been murdered here. The Indian War Memorial Museum is located on the second floor.

The vaulted arcade of the Chowk ends in the center of the outer court, which measured 540 by 360 feet (160 m × 110 m). The side arcades and central tank were demolished after the 1857 rebellion.





Red Fort open all days except Monday opening timings 9.30AM to 4.30PM.

Entry fee for Indians 35RS, for foreign tourists 500RS.

Timings :morning to evening


Nearest Metro Station to Red Fort: Chandni Chowk Station

Netaji Subhash Marg, Lal Qila, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi, Delhi 110006, India.